The Bar

A Tribute to the Bar at 823 Decatur Street:

The mirror that stood behind the bar in our old location is said to be older than the United States itself. It was brought over from France in 1856 from a Parisian bistro and was said to already be ninety years old before arriving in New Orleans, making it now over 250 years old. Located at 823 Decatur, America’s oldest stand-up bar can also be credited with the Grasshopper Cocktail. Invented by Philip Guichet in 1918, the cocktail includes white and green crème de menthe, white and dark crème de cacao, heavy whipping cream and brandy. It was created for a cocktail competition in New York City where it came in second place. It has remained a winner at Tujague’s bar ever since.

New Beginnings at 429 Decatur Street:

With the move to 429 Decatur Street, we were unable to bring the bar four blocks down the street as it was too fragile to be able to make the journey. We did bring elements including the famous foot rail, light fixtures and the large portrait of Otis Guichet. Guests can still enjoy our famous grasshopper or other classics such as a Sazerac or a Ramos Gin Fizz.